tugas softsill

Name   :  Rizky Oktavian Syarif

Class    :  4 EA 11

NPM   :  11208095

Style : Full Block Style


Jln. Panglima Polem Raya No. 21

Surabaya 10012 INDONESIA

Ref : RS / L / 14F

14th April 2012

Mr. Walter D. Spencer

Purchase Manager

Bandung Continental Hotel

14 Jln. Papandayan

Bandung 20001

Jawa Barat

Dear Mr. Walter,

We enclose a copy of our catalogue, price list and terms of payment for product

towel which designed specially for your hotel guest.

We are able to other a special discount of a 15% on all order above

Rp 15.000.000.

We are offering an article of the highest quality at a very reasonable hope

you will take the opportunity to try it.

we hope you will be interess with the catalogue, we send you and look forward

to receiving your first order.

Your sincerely,

Rizky Oktavian Syarif

Marketing Manager

Enc : 3


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